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Sixth Sense Challenge - ESP Test

Test Your ESPDid you know you only use 5-15% of your mind on a daily basis? Imagine if you could learn to tap the unlimited potential of your mind, and sharpen your intuition.

Well you can and this series of mind exercises is designed to stretch your intuitive senses and strengthen your ESP. It is recommended you check out developing your intuition before you take this special extra sensory perception challenge.

  • Step 1. Stretch Your Perception (show)

    The first step in challenging your sixth sense is to stretch your perception. Your mind is used to running a series of associations that informs you of what you are perceiving; a flower, a computer etc… You are used to receiving input from your outer world that triggers these associations. The point of the Sixth Sense Challenge is to become more aware of input received from your inner world, your mind, your intuition. Your sixth sense can actually be just as sharp as any of your other senses; seeing, touching and feeling, as you will learn if your practice using your intuition.

    Stretching your Perception
    The mind is like a muscle. The more you flex it the more limber and strong it becomes. Observe these famous pictures and see how quick you are to see both perceptions. Consider this a warm up for some mental gymnastics.

    old lady or young lady
    two people or temple
    candle stick or two heads
  • Step 2. Stretch Your Imagination (show)

    Now stretch your imagination muscles and name three things the following diagrams remind you of. This will open your mind to new thoughts and ideas and create alternative perceptions. It warms up your intuitive senses.

  • Step 3.Imagination & Visualization (show)

    It has been noted that the government has used a method called “remote viewing” for military purposes. By clearing the mind and posing a question the sixth sense can hunt, find and deliver the answer. The trick is being proficient at interpreting the information and understanding its message. When you get good at receiving information from within, and knowing how to interpret it, you sharpen the skills of your sixth sense. The following exercise will sharpen your skills.

    You will be lead through a series of short steps that utilize your imagination. Your imagination is the vehicle your intuition uses to deliver to you, information from your sixth sense. Trust your imagination. It is smarter than you think. Trust what you get. As Obi-Wan would put it “Use the force”.

    Creative Visualization Exercise:

    Choose a color that represents peace and tranquility to you.
     Close your eyes for a moment and imagine being wrapped in that color. Clear your mind and focus on that color.
     You may see that color, feel that color, hear that color or just know that color. Everyone’s imagination skills are stronger in some areas, weaker in others. Just imagine what it would be like to be that color. When you feel you have achieved that open your eyes and continue.

  • Step 4. Practice Using Your Sixth Sense (show)

    Using a technique similar to remote viewing  clear your mind and ask your imagination to intuitively deliver information to you about a picture concealed on a following screen.
    There are 12 Photo challenges for you to try to stretch your extra sensory perception. It is recommended that you try up to 3 choices now and save the rest for another visit.
    Choose a number and hit the button.

    The next screen will be clear except for two questions.

    Close your eyes focus on your color first.
    Then pose the questions to yourself and just allow your imagination to answer. Let it answer the question for you. You may just get a feeling, a color, a shape, a word. What ever its response, trust it and write it down.
    Write down the first three things that pop into your mind after posing the question to your imagination. Just go with what you get. It may be a lot more accurate than you realize or would think. “May the force be with you”.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

  • Step 5. How Intuitive Are You? (show)

    How did your imagination respond? What did you write down?

    Remember your imagination communicates to you through associations. For example: If you got the color green, you may associate green with nature, and the picture is of a mountain. The mountain may be brown but your intuition was trying to head you in the right direction communicating what it would be like to be in this picture for you. It was letting you know it would be like being in nature. Your imagination will pull associations stored in your mind. These will trigger for you thoughts that will successfully convey to you the answer to your question.

     Look for the associations you may have received that were leading you to information about the photos. View each one and compare what you received for information with the photos. See if you can identify the associations your imagination was using to communicate to you what it would be like to be in the photos. Did you feel cold like how you may imagine a mountain to be?
    Just like learning a new language and understanding it takes practice and patience. This exercise is a tried and true way to travel the Intuitive Bridge.

     Feel free to come back and try it again. The more you use it the more you’ll get, the more intuitive you'll become.

  • Using an Intuitive Specialist - A Sixth Sense Expert (show)

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Hope you enjoyed this ESP Test!