Getting Spiritual Guidance

spiritual guidance-wishing treeThere are many forms and ways you can receive spiritual guidance. If you are very "tuned in" and paying attention, you can hear it, see it, or feel it, in your every day life. For most people those messages get confusing or go un-noticed. You could go talk to a burning bush, meditate on a mountain, or pray for answers.

“God gives you the freedom to choose whatever it is you want out of life. Then in response, God Supports you in fulfilling that desire”
Steven Lane Taylor

  • What Is Spiritual Guidance? (show)

    Spiritual Guidance is information from a spiritual source, which is aware of more than your present view. Simply put it is like some one showing you the trees....and then the broader view of the forest!

    Sometimes you want something, and feel stuck or stalled. Often getting a Fresh Perspective can offer new solutions, and open new pathways, that lead right to your wishes. Sometimes you need a little guidance to find the path. When you seek, and receive guidance from a spiritual source, you are being divinely lead with spiritual guidance.

  • Where Does Spiritual Guidance Come From? (show)

    There are many sources of spiritual guidance. It may come directly from "All That Is", "The Universe", "God", or as we like to refer to it in Wisdom Woods "The Ultimate Source or "Divine Spirit of Love". Call it what you like, even scientist now have a name for it, "the plank field".

    Sometimes spiritual guidance comes from angels or guides, or your neighbor in the form of a smile. Sometimes it comes in a fortune cookie or a with a Wishing Tree.

    Spiritual guidance is always available to you. You just have to be open to it, and know when the information and source are genuine.

  • Synchronicity (show)

    Synchronicity is the law of attraction in action. When you have strong desires that support your spiritual growth or personal development, your soul, whether you are aware of it or not, gets excited and begins to emit broadcast signals out into the world about your desire. Those signals act like a magnet to attract situations, circumstances and events that bring you closer to your desire. Nothing happens by accident or coincidence. It is all a result of attraction. Being in the right place at the right time isn't luck. It is synchronicity. It is spiritual guidance!

  • How Does It Work & What Can You Do With It? (show)

    The purpose of spiritual guidance is to give you the insight and wisdom you need to find your way easily to the path that leads to your wishes. Spirit wants you to be fulfilled! It wants to share it's wisdom so you may get a Fresh Perspective and know what to do, how to face challenge, and navigate to your success.

    The trick is to use the wisdom offered. Sometimes the difficulty is understanding the spiritual guidance and it's message. That's where psychic readers and a Wishing Tree Reading might help. An Intuitive Specialist (psychic reader) can tune in and receive spiritual guidance specific to you and deliver the message. The Wishing Tree uses the law of attraction and synchronicity to deliver the insight you need right to you. Or of course you can go meditate on a rock, you do have all the answers within your spiritual superconscious mind.

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  • 1. Using The Wishing Tree for Spiritual Guidance (show)

    The Wishing Tree is a way to get spiritual guidance that is direct and specific to your desire. It is away of divining spiritual guidance that relates to what you want to manifest in your life, giving you direct communication about what key things you need to focus on to attain it.

  • 2. What is the source of The Wishing Tree's wisdom? (show)

    The Wishing Tree will deliver it's wisdom from the same source you would if you were "tuned in", from your Inner Wisdom and The Ultimate Source (some call it "God" or "the Universe"). The Wishing Tree is a vehicle to deliver spiritual guidance. Each piece of wisdom is based in the spiritual teachings of the ages and the common truths of all religions. Using the universal principle of "synchronicity" it delivers the information appropriate for you.

  • 3. How Does The Wishing Tree Work? (show)

    The Wishing Tree uses the universal principle of synchronicity as a method to deliver specific spiritual guidance to you, from your Inner Wisdom and The Ultimate Source. When you visit The Wishing Tree you type in your wish (desire). When the tree begins to shake out it's petals or leaves for you to choose from, if you just pay attention to your inner voice/intuition (Inner Wisdom) you will be attracted to one that stands out more to you. That is because The Ultimate Source based wisdom behind that one is what your Inner Wisdom wants you to know so you can get what you want. You are attracting the answer and solution to manifesting your wish. Even though The Wishing Tree is a computerized program it has been specifically designed to use synchronicity to be able to share spiritual guidance with you that is for you!

  • 4. Cast Your Wish and Get a Wishing Tree Reading! (show)

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Hope you enjoyed this information on spiritual guidance!